I don't like beer. Is it still worth going?

Absolutely! We also serve sparkling wine and soft drinks. CareerBeer-SparklingWine-Softdrinks Speed Recruiting just seemed a bit too lengthy. Besides, it's about the good company – not the booze.

Your events seem to focus on the creative industry. Are you going to host events for other industries as well?

Absolutely! We're hoping to provide a fun night out for any kind of industry. We're just starting with the creative industry because that's an area we know very well. 

Why not send us an email to cheers@careerbeer.com.au if you're having a profession in mind you would like to attend.

Why do you charge more for employers than candidates?

Because they drink more at the event!
No seriously, we felt it wouldn't be fair to charge the same amount to someone who is looking for work compared to someone who already has an established business.

How many people do I get to meet?

Most of our events are set up for 10-12 candidates and the same amount of employers. We always aim to have equal numbers of each, but the final number is beyond our control.

However, should a significant imbalance of participating parties adversely affect your experience at a speed recruiting event or should you meet fewer than 7 employers/candidates, we will offer you a 50% discount for another event.

If we don't receive enough bookings for an event, we will either postpone or cancel the event. In this case, we'll offer you a refund or transfer your booking to a new event.

How do I know if an event has been cancelled/postponed?

We'll notify you as soon as we know via email or SMS. We'll also send out an email or SMS 24-48h before the event to confirm your attendance.

Can I get a refund if I changed my mind or can't make it to the event?

Unfortunately, we can't offer a refund if you are unable to attend a booked event or you have simply changed your mind, because a lot of planning and organising goes into these events.

However, you may nominate another appropriate candidate to attend in your place, in which case you will need to contact us.

What happens if an event has been postponed or cancelled?

As hard as we try to make every event happen, there may be unforeseen circumstances that require us to postpone or cancel an event. If that happens, you will be notified as soon as possible via email or SMS.

If we have to postpone an event we will provide you with the new event details and your booking will be transferred to the new date. If you prefer to receive a refund, please contact us.

If we have to cancel an event, you will be entitled to a refund, or you can use the amount of your booking as a credit for future event. 

I'm not sure if I fit the (candidate) criteria for an event.

A good start is to tick all the requirements and ask yourself the following questions:
Do I have the required minimum industry experience (this doesn't include years during your studies)?
Do my main qualifications and experiences fall into the event category, e.g. Art Direction?
Have I worked in a similar role before?

Generally, it's probably better to over-deliver than to over-promise, but if you're still unsure we're happy to have look at you work/resume. Just email us for advice at 'cheers@careerbeer.com.au'

When will I be notified about my matches?

We try to process your matches as soon as possible. You should usually hear from us within 48h.

What types of payments do you accept?

We only accept Credit and Debit Card Payments and use Stripe (similar to PayPal) to process them, which complies with one of the highest security standards. The site is also SSL encrypted (look for the "https:" in your browser window).

What is Stripe?

In case you haven't heard about Stripe yet (it's fairly new in Australia), Stripe is a direct competitor to PayPal and offers a very similar kind of payment service. Stripe provides PCI Service Provider Level 1 security – one of the most stringent levels of safety certification.

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