Booking an Event

Select an event based on the job type you're looking for, e.g. Art Director.

Check the date and venue and book your spot.

Would you appreciate some moral support or just a second opinion?
Bring a 'wingman' or 'wingwoman' along!  Just add them to your cart when booking an event. What's best - they only pay half price! Unfortunately, we have to limit this offer to one extra person, unless it's a special team event.

Before the event

We will send you a reminder email or SMS 24-48h before the event. Please reply with a simple 'yes' to confirm your attendance.

At the event

When you get there, look for our friendly staff to tick you off the list. They will also hand you a sheet with a reference letter on it so you can be clearly identified. It's up to you if you introduce yourself with your full name, just your first name or even a nickname. Just make sure you clearly show your reference letter so we will be able to process your matches later on. 

On the inside of your sheet you need to write down the candidate's reference letter and select the candidates you like by ticking the 'yes' box. There is also space for notes and star ratings but these are for own purpose only. 

When the event starts, please take a seat at one of the numbered tables and remain there until the end of the event. Every 8-10 minutes (depending on the number of participants) a different candidate will pitch their skills and experience to you. As you go, select the candidates you are interested in. 

When all candidates have passed each table the event is over.
Don't forget to return your CareerBeer sheet to our friendly staff!

Feel free to hang around afterwards. It's a good opportunity to follow up on previous conversations.

After the event

We will compare your sheet with the ones of your selected candidates. If both parties are interested in a potential employment, you and the candidates will be notified and contact details exchanged.

Once contact details have been exchanged, it's up to you or the candidates to take it to the next stage.

Under no circumstances will we hand out details unless both parties indicated a mutual interest.

It's completely up to you if you prefer to remain anonymous, or if you're happy to hand out business cards during the event.

One more thing...

If you can spare a few minutes we would love to hear your feedback.  You can email us at:
Please include the name and the date of the event you attended. Thanks!