About Speed Recruiting

What do online portfolios, career websites, job apps and resume emails have in common?
They can never replace the first impression of meeting someone in person.

CareerBeer Speed Recruiting brings people together to discuss career opportunities outside a corporate setting and without interupting a busy work day.

Every couple of minutes you meet a new person. In that time you can talk about specific roles, experiences, expectations and get an overall feel for the person sitting in front of you. At the end of the event you'll get to choose the people you would be interested to work with. If the interest is mutual, we'll exchange the contact details of each party so you can take the recruiting process to the next level. No commissions, no extra fees from us.

There is a whole lot you can get out of a CareerBeer Event:

If you're looking for staff:

  • No recruitment fees
  • Meet a broad spectrum of skilled people
  • Quick overview of different offerings and talents
  • Sort out important questions or issues straight away without the need for many meetings
  • Maintain control of your privacy
  • Get free drinks!

If you're looking for work:

  • Network and showcase your skills
  • Talk to wide range of employers and learn about their specific needs and expectations
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Improve your presentation skills
  • Receive feedback on your work from different sources
  • Gain confidence through practice
  • Get free drinks!