Be realistic 

We tailor events based on skills and experience to ensure the best chance of finding the right match for a position. Speed Recruiting is meant to be an easy first step of a longer process. Being realistic about your level of skills and experience will more likely lead to a successful application. Choosing an event that suits your qualifications will lead to better outcomes and a more enjoyable event for everyone.

If there isn't a suitable event for you yet, why don't suggest one?!

Come prepared

This is your time to shine. Be yourself and be proud of your best work and achievements. Think about it as an elevator pitch, keep it short and make sure you leave an impression. Come up with a great way to present yourself and your work. For example, bring a portfolio with your best work that suits the short time span. Create a short introduction or showreel or a quick way to summarise your experience.

Most importantly, make sure you leave enough time to answer and ask questions. 

Leave something behind

It’s good to leave something behind that makes it easy for agencies to remember you. It can be as simple as a copy of your CV with a photo or a signature piece of your work.

Suggest an event